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What Are Finns Like?

   The Finns are friendly, calm and laid-back people. Outside they may seen cold and quiet people, but when you get to know them better, they're really nice and friendly. It can be difficult to know a Finn well, because they're a little reserved. Finns are known all over the world for their tendency to enjoy silence. When you make friends with Finns, there is no walls between you and them. Finns like to help tourists find the right way if they're lost. Finns are very proud of their country, and they love outdoors living.
    Finns enjoy winter and they love to do all kinds of winter sports, like : snowboarding, skiing, skating... Finns love Christmas and Santa Claus of course! Finns are used to winter, so if you come to Finland, it may be to cold for you.
   Finns also love to play ice hockey, They're very interested in it. It's one of the most popular winter sports. So after all, Finns are nice and quiet people, who love winter and outdoor living.
Finland's ice hockey team's logo

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