keskiviikko 23. huhtikuuta 2014

EU citizenship - travelling and living conditions

People ha EU citizenship if they live in a EU country or they are relative/family member of an EU citizen. This means that people have both EU and their own country's citizenship.

EU citizen rights are:

  • move, work and live freely within the EU
  • vote and be as a candidate in European parliament
  • petition the European parliament and complain to the European commissioner
  • you can get reduced-cost or completely free health care during an illness or accident while visiting any EU country
  • you can go study within the EU
  • you can be involved in different projects like Comenius, Erasmus or in Leonardo da Vinci
  • be recognized in universities 
  • share an European identity with others
Because of the euro, you can compare the prices in EU countries that have euros. No matter nationality, gender, race, religion, age or sexual orientation, you have the same rights.

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