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Finnish Christmas

    Christmas in Finland is different from other countries. First of all, we celebrate it on December 24th and it's the most important day the holidays. Some people take a sauna before noon, because it's a part of the traditional Finnish culture. As well some people go to the graveyards to bring candles on the graves of their dead friends and relatives. When it gets dark outside the graveyards are very beautiful with hundreds of candles shining bright.

     At noon there's a special broadcasting on TV: the declaration of Christmas peace. It's broadcasted every year from Turku. After That Christmas is officially started. In the evening families and friends get together to celebrate and have fun. The food is very unique in Finland. We eat Karelian stew and casseroles. Nowhere in the world is the same kind of food.

     After eating it's time to open presents. Often, if there are small children in the family the Santa Claus brings the presents. Instead of hiding in the chimney, he knocks on the door. The elves that belong to Santa Claus watch the kids all through the year to see if the kids have been naughty or nice. Usually to get their presents kids have to sing something or bring food to Santa, because he has come a long way from Lapland.

    On the 25th some people go to Christmas church in the early morning. Christmas in Finland is not a very religious holiday, or very materialistic as in some other countries.

   New years eve is a time to be spent with friends and family. People spend new years day hanging out and relaxing. The highlights of this day are the amazing fireworks at night and the tradition of melting tin. We buy a piece of tin and at home we melt it on a stove with the help of the heat coming from fire. When the tin has melted we quickly put it in a bucket of cold water. When the tin has cooled off we take the piece of tin and put it against light and look what shape it is. The shape found on the tin resembles what fortunes and luck the next year will bring

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