tiistai 10. joulukuuta 2013

   Before the Christmas meal

At morning Kids wake up, and run to see the Christmas tree just in case that the elves had bought some presents. When parents wake up some families are going to Christmas church at 9 or 10am. after that it's time to check that everything is OK for the evening. (food,decoration)...
    After that the hole family usually goes out for a while, because the weather is so beautiful (usually). At outside they are playing many Finnish outdoor games, often dad and sons are going to play ice hockey and mom and girls are just skating around the area. But often if the hole family wants to have fun together, they are going to ski, or they are walking in forest. These outdoor actives go on for 1-2 hours, after that Finns are going back to inside and mom is going to prepare the food. In that time dad helps mom and kids are playing or helping. (depends on a family).

 In the evening (17-18pm) The relatives and close friends arrive. They are going to eat together the Christmas meal.

When everybody has finished their meal, kids are going upstairs to have their own games and adults keep talking. At 18-20) The Santa Claus arrives. Kids sing to him and sometimes give some food or drink and he gives the presents. When Santa leaves kids are playing with their new toys and adults are admiring them.

That's Finnish Christmas!!!

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